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The vision that guides the JDOCU photographers is to use the camera as a tool for documenting the activities of Tikkun Olam ('Repair the World') and make it part of global culture with special emphasis on Israeli and Jewish culture. The group members are documenting Tikkun Olam activities in different parts of the world, publish their work and sell it. All the proceeds are donated to promote social justice projects in the documented communities.

On this web-site you can find the works of the JDOCU photographers and their story. The first exhibition – In Search of a human Grace (Beit Hatfutzot, Tel Aviv, November 2011) was a huge success artistically, and created a substantial amount of money which was sent to Georgia to assist the JDC Hessed institutes in Georgia, where the entire exhibition was created. The second exhibition is "Our Homeland" (Jaffa, October 2012) documents the life of Israeli Jews of Georgian origin. This exhibition was also a great success. The third exhibition documented the Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. The documentation included a journey to Ethiopia in which the Jdocu members documented the stories of those who were still waiting in Addis Ababa to make the last mile to Israel. In their fourth journey (November 2012), the Jdocu group traveled to Cuba and came back to Israel with the unique exhibition "Island within an Island" – the incredible story of the small community of Cuban Jews. In October 2013, Jdocu members made their last journey, this time to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, to visit the new Jewish communities developing on the same grounds where hundreds of thousands of Jews used to live before the Holocaust. Jdocu group aspire to make 'Tikkun Olam' a part of the Israeli culture. In order to realize this vision, Jdocu collaborates with the JDC and Beit Hatfutsot (The Museum of the Jewish People) in Tel Aviv. Through exhibitions and distribution to other communities, the museum distributes the values and the art of the Jdocu people to the rest of the world.

JDOCU is self sustainable and all its income is dedicated to activities of Tikkun Olam ('Repair the World').

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